is a variation of 10-pin bowling where the balls and pins are significantly smaller making the game much harder. Are you up to the challenge?

duckpin news Nov 10, 2015

Youth Breaks Bantam Set Record

Colby DeAntoniis of Glen Burnie, MD set a new World Record for the Bantam Division when he bowled 168-153-175 — 496 at AMF Southwest on November 7.

Patterson Bowling Alley for Sale

Patterson Bowling Alley in Baltimore, MD is up for sale. See commercial real estate listing.

DuckpinTV on YouTube

DuckpinTV on YouTube

From duckpin classics to current matches, DuckpinTV has it all. Brought to you by Brian Ewing and Erik Loteczka. Watch...

Find a Duckpin House

Duckpin bowling is found primarily in the Northeastern United States (Connecticut, Maryland, Massachussetts, Rhode Island, Virginia) and small parts of the midwest. Duckpin machines haven't been manufactured for many, many years and it's getting harder to keep duckpin houses open. Membership is down and it's no coincidence that the number of houses has dwindled dramatically since the 1990's (94 in 1997 to approximately 60 now). But there are still lots of duckpinners who still love the game! Find out where you can give duckpins a try.

How to Score Duckpins

Duckpin bowling has rules similar to ten-pin bowling. In a 10-frame game, bowlers try to knock down pins in the fewest rolls per frame. Bowlers have three balls per frame, instead of two in ten-pin bowling, to knock over a set of 10 pins. If a bowler knocks down all 10 pins with their first roll in a frame, it is scored as a strike. If all the pins are knocked down in two rolls, the bowler has made a spare. If all the pins are knocked down in three rolls, the bowler gets 10 points, as in candlepins, with no bonus. If pins are still standing after the third ball, the bowler gets one point for each pin knocked down.

History of Duckpins

The origin of the sport is a subject of some debate. One possible origin is that duckpin bowling began in Baltimore around 1900, at a bowling, billiards and pool hall owned by future baseball Hall of Famers John McGraw and Wilbert Robinson.

Duckpin Organizations

Established in 1927, the National Duckpin Bowling Congress (NDBC) is the parent and supervising Duckpin Bowling organization in the United States. The National Duckpin Youth Association (NDYA), founded in 1973, governs all youth bowlers across the US.

Questions & Answers

What is duckpin bowling? Where do I find it? How big are the pins/balls? Where can I get equipment? Who holds the record for the highest game? Find the answers to your questions here...

U.S.A. vs. Argentina

In July 2014 at White Oak Lanes in Silver Spring, MD, the Inter-Continental Duckpin Bowling Challenge marked the first time that a professional duckpin team from Argentina competed on U.S. soil.

The National Duckpin Bowling Congress awards a trophy annually to the #1 ranked male and female bowlers. The names of the #1 Duckpinners are added to the permanent National Trophy display.

Duckpin bowling is a great sport, especially for kids and seniors. Help us promote the game and keep duckpins alive by getting your kids involved. Find out about the duckpin youth organization.

The Duckpin Professional Bowlers Association (DPBA) is the premiere men's tour with 7 stops at different houses each year. Come see the best in duckpin bowling on display.

Founded in 1982, the Women’s National Duckpin Association (WNDA) has been promoting the thrill and challenge of duckpin bowling competition for women. The WNDA attracts women bowlers from all over the US and Canada.